About us

Whenever we meet with friends it doesn't take long before we pull out our phones and start comparing the apps we have and use. For some reason we are always curious about the apps others use. The App Store isn't a big help anymore. There are too many apps and everyone is already looking at the top rated lists.

Zwapp is born out of frustration that finding great apps shouldn't be so hard. Our mission is to make finding great apps as simple as sitting with a friend looking at each others apps. Our first product is Zwapp for iPhone, and we're just getting started. If you are interested, why not join our team?

The Team

Alexander van Elsas
Alexander graduated from the University of Amsterdam in the field of Computer Science and got a PhD in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University. He worked several years in the research facility of KPN, the largest Dutch telecom operator, and at its mobile division before he got his first taste of the startup world.

Alexander always had a passion for social services and the effect they have on our lives. He blogs, learned himself to become an iOS developer and now pushes this experience to the limits to create the best social app search experience for Zwapp.

Josh Kalderimis
Josh is a top 50 Ruby on Rails contributor and a keen open source developer. He has been working with Rails since 2008 and maintains such notable Ruby projects as the LinkedIn gem, the Multi Json and Multi XML gems, and the Faraday Middleware gem, as well as being a regular contributor to the Travis-Ci project.

Jeroen van Dijk
Jeroen graduated from the University of Groningen in the field of Artificial Intelligence (MSc). Attracted by the dynamics of the internet he is currently applying his machine learning techniques to Zwapp in order to do app recommendations. He has contributed to many open source projects, among which Ruby on Rails and he also initiated and maintains some projects viewable on his Github account