LYRIC LEGEND –The Fun Music Game For Learning Lyrics

LYRIC LEGEND –The Fun Music Game For...


Play to learn the lyrics to your favorite songs in the new & fun music game, Lyric Legend! Earn FREE MUSIC through the virtual currency system to play what Gamezebo says, "might just be the best music game on the iPhone yet".

Try it out and download today with FREE SONGS from The All-American Rejects, Metric, We the Kings, Awesome New Republic & Andy Grammer.

The music library has more than 100 songs from the world’s most popular artists including:

* Lady Gaga
* Rihanna
* Fergie
* Nelly
* Fall Out Boy
* Owl City
* Miley Cyrus
* Coldplay
* Jackson 5
* Keith Urban
* Kanye West
* Taio Cruz
* No Doubt
* Maroon 5
* The White Stripes
* And more…


Choose a song, hit the orbs in time with the lyrics, and learn what your favorite artists have been singing all along! The game is fun, easy to understand, and exciting to play for any music fan. Learn more or see your scores against the world at

* Earn FREE MUSIC from top artists with our virtual currency system
* Five levels of difficulty let you jump in at your own comfort level with enough room to grow as you master the lyrics. Start off in beginner mode to get the hang of things and then speed it up with more orbs and fewer hints to prove you’ve reached expert status.
* Use Legend Power to increase your score, and get a word streak to increase your multiplier
* Test your scores against the world or in your local hometown with GPS based scoring
* Grab up to 4 friends and play local multiplayer (Bluetooth only).
* Beat the bonus challenges to increase your score when there are no lyrics during a song

Check out the Reviews!
\u201C…fun and easy to pick-up\u201D – TechCrunch
\u201CA fun and addictive game.\u201D – CBS Interactive
\u201CThis might be the best music game on the iPhone yet.\u201D – Gamezebo

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