forfone is an app that provides FREE WORLDWIDE CALLS AND TEXT MESSAGES. Simply download the app and start free worldwide calls and text messages with other forfone users without registration. From as low as 1.9 Cent you can also make worldwide calls to contacts who do not use forfone.

NO ROAMING COSTS when calling from abroad. When you are abroad with your iPhone you can make calls and send text messages without any roaming costs. Simply use a wifi connection.

forfone is better than many other VOIP (Voice over IP / SIP) Apps

* 100% FREE CALLS: all forfone services are completely free, there is no basic fee and no hidden costs. Free worldwide calls and free worldwide text messages to all forfone users. All contacts in your phonebook will automatically have a ‘forfree’ indication as soon as they have installed the forfone app. Inform your friends today and let them know that they can make FREE PHONE CALLS. All they need is an internet connection (3G or Wifi).

* MAKE CALLS TO NON FORFONE CONTACTS. forfone offers the service to call and text non forfone users. From as low as 1.9 Cent you can make international calls. All rates for international calls outside the forfone network can be found on our website.

*NO REGISTRATION, USERNAME OR PASSWORD. Simply download and start the app. You will then receive a text message for validation. There is no username or password that you have to enter. Simply start making free calls.

* NO BUDDY LIST: forfone automatically indicates all contacts that have the forfone app installed as ‚free’. Unlike as with Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Fring you do not have to know an extra username.

* VOICE QUALITY: forfone is using the newest technology in order to provide best possible voice quality. Please keep in mind that the voice quality depends on your internet connection. Best quality is reached with 3G or a full Wifi signal.


If you have questions or helpful suggestions concerning the forfone app please send us an e-mail at or in our support forum at

* Additional charges for using the internet connection of your mobile provider may occur.

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