Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zwapp?
Zwapp offers a fun and super fast way of finding and sharing the best mobile apps with your friends. With Zwapp you can see the apps your best friends have or are downloading right now. Share and recommend your favorite apps and start discovering great new apps too. See what your friends have to say about apps and discuss your experiences together. Follow the live feed to see which apps are hot right now! Zwapp provides a unique social interface to the App store.
How did the idea come about?
We love apps. We got more and more frustrated with the lack of support to find great new apps in the App Store. We were exchanging and discovering apps every time we would meet with friends, simply by comparing phones.

We looked at other services (now competitors) and felt it wasn't what we were looking for. Most app discovery services provide beautiful UI's, excellent top app lists, but none of them are fueled by the simple fact that the apps that your friends use are more important than other apps. We created Zwapp to have a service that solves this issue. Zwapp is build from the ground up with the notion that friends are the most important asset in finding great apps.
How much does your app cost?
It's free, you can get it in the iTunes App Store.
What other services are you compatible with?
Currently, you can instantly connect with friends on Facebook, Twitter an via your phone address book. We also provide easy sharing capabilities via all major social networks, and we provide each user a web site where they can access and share their app profile with their friends.
Who are your investors?
We raised a $500,000 seed from an investment company, Million Monkeys, in the Netherlands. The owners of Million Monkeys are experienced entrepreneurs who have build/partnered in several successful businesses themselves, and, TTY Internet Solutions,,, Nationale and
How will you make money?
We believe the core of our product will always be free. We make a little money in referral fees from the iTunes App store but we intend to experiment with different models as we grow and learn what value we can provide the app community.
How does privacy work?
We have adopted a follower model that means that anyone can subscribe to your app profile. Anyone you follow yourself will be visible in your interactive timeline, helping you to discover apps. Your app profile is public and can be shared with anyone.
Who can see my apps?
All app profiles are public by default. Anyone using the Zwapp app or the Zwapp web site can access and see your app profile. Here is Alexander's profile
When are you going to make the app for Android and other mobile platforms?
We will be starting Android development soon.
What versions of iPhone are you compatible with?
Anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or higher can use Zwapp.
When will you have an iPad version?
Glad you ask. We are working not hat right now! You can, of course, run Zwapp o your iPad but you will have to wait a little longer for the full iPad UI experience.
Is there an API or developer program?
There will be, shortly. In the meantime, check out our Zwapp Connect program for developers. Zwapp Connect provides you instant social network integration natively into your apps, and social analytics to get a better picture what users are using your apps.
I have a technical problem or support issue I need to resolve?
The fastest way of getting into contact with us is via our support center
Are you hiring?
Absolutely! If you are a talented iPhone or Android engineer, or you have proven design skills for mobile apps, then we want to talk to you. Drop us a line